Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dear Sarah:

Sarah writes:
Since its Feb I'll ask a question about Valentine's day. What did you do on Valentine's day last year Miss Picket?

Dear Sarah,

Like most women without men, I hate Valentines day, and will be spending it alone and hating the opposite gender. Don't worry though... I'll stop hating guys the day after Valentines day again. There is something about a super duper vomit inducing saccharine sweet holiday that angers up the blood. Also... does anyone actually know who St. Valentine is? Why is it that we are supposed to pair up and fuck on his day? I WANT TO KNOWWWWW! I will however be buying a huge box of chocolates, replacing all of the chocolates with dog shit, and passing it out to strangers on the street. Why? Because I am a dick :)

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Lil'Miza said...

*Dies Laughing* Why did I feel I'd get an answer like this. xD

WORK...Work...Don't you think work tends to take over 3/4th of our lives?