Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Sarah writes: Life, just go with the flow, live free or plan every step, every move? Your opinion?

Dear Sarah:

Why must you have one or the other? Its all about balance. If one lives their lives with nothing but spontaneity, one ends up a smelly hippy. No one wants that. Patchouli oil is not a valid deodorant. You'll have to name your children something like Rainbow Star Moonfucker. Its... just a bad situation all around. Living completely pre-planned will turn you into a drone. One day you'll open your closet and realized that it has turned into a cartoon closet, and is now filled with exactly the same outfit three hundred times over. You'll work in an office doing something excruciatingly boring like... well I don't know as all office work is excruciatingly boring to me. It makes me a sad panda. SO to recap... balance. Plan your future and work toward it, but be flexible. Life is going to throw curve balls at you. That's just what life does. Be ready for anything, and... for fucks sake... have fun with life. That's what life is for. That and sex. LOTS OF SEX. Those are the keys to a happy life. (Though I do not suggest sex with lots of random people... AIDS and all yanno)

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Lil'Miza said...

*Cries* I knew I am doing something wrong, I have no sex life and I work in an office as a secretary!! *Just dies* (I made it sound so dramatic didn't I?)

Since its Feb I'll ask a question about Valentine's day. What did you do on Valentine's day last year Miss Picket? =D